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Our Practice

Our Board-certified pain management physician is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality, cost-effective, and compassionate care to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain through the use of advanced state-of-the-art interventional pain management techniques that seek to identify the source of your pain and to reduce or eliminate it.


We specialize in the most common pain disorders and many pain syndromes including:


            Arthritis                                                             Fibromyalgia

            Back Pain                                                          Head and Neck pain

            Cancer Pain                                                      Joint Pain

            Chronic Post-Operative Pain                          Limb Pain

            Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(RSD)      Musculoskeletal Pain

            Compression Fracture                                    Neurogenic Pain

            Diabetic Polyneuropathy                                 Phantom Limb Pain

            Facet Syndrome                                              Sacroiliac Pain


We use advanced state-of-the-art techniques depending on the nature of the pain disorder, including:

            Diagnostic Injections (Peripheral Spinal)       Neurolysis (Radiofrequency)

            Therapeutic Injections (Peripheral Spinal)     Peripheral Nerve & Spinal cord                                                                                                       Stimulators


                       All spinal injections are performed under fluoroscopic guidance.

         Where appropriate, ultrasonography is utilized for clinic and hospital injections.



What sets us apart from other chronic pain management clinics is that we believe that each individual is unique and hence we provide a customized treatment plan for each patient.  By focusing on your individual goals, we provide a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes conservative and minimally invasive treatments to restore your emotional and physical well-being. 

Our Doctors
Asad Nawaz, M.D.
Board Certified pain management and Anesthesiology. 
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